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Mythic World Tours - Terms and Conditions

  1. Registration and participation in tours offered by Mythic World Tours, Inc. are subject to the following terms and conditions. Your payment for any tour indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Proof of travel insurance is mandatory. Vouchers will not be issued until clients submit proof of travel insurance.
  2. The tour price is based, unless otherwise indicated, on double occupancy, i.e., rooms will be shared by two people. Single occupancy is offered subject to availability and at an additional fee.
  3. A non-refundable deposit of 25 percent is due at the time of booking.  In some cases, a larger deposit may be required to hold hotel rooms or to pay in full when concert or event tickets are ordered.  The balance of 75 percent is due twelve (12) weeks prior to arrival. No vouchers will be dispensed without payment in full and proof of travel insurance.
    Non-refundable deposit covers administrative costs. 
  4. We guarantee tickets ordered for the Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Concert.  A non-refundable 50 percent deposit is required at time of ticket order. The non-refundable balance is due on or before September 1st.  Tickets are not distributed by the Vienna Philharmonic Musikverein before October.  The face value shown on the ticket does not reflect the final ticket price.
  5. We do not offer refunds on tours not taken for any reason. Travel insurance may not cover all contingencies.  If you are unsure of your ability to participate in a tour, please submit your non-refundable deposit which guarantees your place on a tour and submit the balance due by the deadline specified thus protecting your investment.
  6. Proof of travel insurance is mandatory.  You will receive an invoice from Mythic World Tours, Inc. for payment of the 25 percent deposit and the date by which the balance is due, including applicable taxes, service charges (e.g., PayPal)  and international wire transfer fees. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable and covers administrative costs. Tour prices are based on a fluctuating exchange rate. Tour price subject to change until tour is paid in full. We accept payment by wire transfer at the client's expense or credit card payment through PayPal. Please note that we cannot be responsible for incoming or outgoing bank, credit card or PayPal fees.
  7. Tour participants grant permission to Mythic World Tours, Inc. to utilize the participants’ images or likenesses obtained during the tour in its promotional materials. This is a revocable license that may be withdrawn upon written request by the tour participant.
  8. Mythic World Tours, Inc. reserves the right to change certain conditions of the offered tours; for instance, the advertised hotel, activities or schedule of activities, etc. In the unlikely event that a tour is cancelled for lack of participation, or if it becomes necessary to cancel a tour because of circumstances beyond its control, the sole responsibility of Mythic World Tours, Inc. is to provide a refund of payment made by the participant less administrative fees. No part of the tour price will be refunded for clients' lack of participation in any part of a tour.
  9. No responsibility is accepted for cancellations by the participant(s) due to personal reasons, adverse weather conditions, war, threat of war, civil strife, terrorism, or natural disaster. It is the responsibility of participants to protect their investment with travel insurance, covering, but not limited to: medical expenses, baggage, accident, loss or damage to property, cancellation and curtailment, personal liability, legal expenses and emergency. Proof of travel insurance is mandatory. Vouchers will not be issued until clients submit proof of travel insurance. Our suppliers have third party liability with normal coverage. Transportation liability is provided by third party supplier insurance.

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