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The Border Wanderers

20/07/2017 21:56:12

Philadelphia 1999

The nine-year-old is a sensible, intelligent boy but his classmates think he’s weird. Traumatized by a dark secret that he can share with no one, Cole keeps increasingly to himself.

A child psychiatrist approaches him gingerly, trying to gain his confidence gradually. Slowly he groped for the cause of Cole’s anxiety which at first had seemed to be inscrutable.

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Rendezvous with the Empress*

31/05/2017 17:33:36
Fanny Feifalik and Empress Elisabeth of Austria

Year after year, more than a million people visit Schӧnbrunn. The former summer residence of the Habsburgs was built far outside the city walls. Today it stands in a green island in a sea of houses in Hietzing, the 13th District. Among the tourists there are also many Viennese who allow themselves to be guided through the ornate rooms and enjoy the imperial atmosphere. One of these, we’ll call him Heinz Leitner because he doesn’t want to see his name published, shares a very special history with Schӧnbrunn.

If he comes again today, he hopes to find something that he had first experienced, then, a few years ago when the palace was his workplace. This experience gives him no peace; even today he cannot explain it and has told almost no one about it. With his help, we have reconstructed Leitner’s story. We’ll therefore accompany him back to April 2001, when it all began.

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