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Austria’s Ball Season

Austria’s Glorious Ball Season

Ever dreamed about dancing the waltz at one of Vienna’s many famous balls?
With hundreds to choose from, here are some highlights of the annual January to June Viennese Ball Season

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Life Ball at the Rathaus

2nd June 2018

Life Ball at the RathausThe Life Ball is one of the biggest AIDS charity events in the world and a unique international ball. The Life Ball is an exuberant festivity with extraordinatory performances that celebrate life year after year and make a resounding statement in the fight against HIV and AIDS, in Austria and far beyond. The event sets an example of tolerance and sends a signal of solidarity to society and the world.

Concordia Ball at the Rathaus

8 June 2018

Concordia Ball at the RathausThe Press Club Concordia, an organization of Austrian journalists and writers, has been holding this traditional ball at Vienna's City Hall for over 150 years.  One of the few summer balls held in Vienna, the next Concordia Ball will be held on Friday, June 22nd 2017.

While still honoring old ball traditions, the organizers introduce a new and exciting international theme every year. This year's Concordia Ball will skillfully combine Indian Bollywood spirit with the very best of Viennese ball tradition with the motto: Come dance with me! 

Fête Impériale at the Spanish Riding School

29th June 2018

Fête Impériale at the Spanish Riding SchoolElisabeth Gürtler, managing director of the the Hotel Sacher Vienna and the Spanish Riding School, hosts this lavish charity summer ball at the Spanish Riding School for the third time.  Come dance in the decorated baroque winter riding hall and in the open air of the inner courtyard where the Lipizzaner stallions usually dance.  

Profits from the ball are used to fund scientific research to maintain and nurture the oldest culture horse breed in Europe.

Hofburg Silvester Ball at the Imperial Palace

31st December 2017

We have another impressive program in store for you next year on 31 December 2017, brimming with highlights.

The programme will bring world-class performers from Vienna’s opera houses, big-name bands and orchestras, as well as catchy rhythms from waltz to jazz to make your night at the former imperial winter residence truly unforgettable. In addition to a spellbinding opening ceremony, you will be treated to a fantastic midnight show and a fireworks display above the old town. Enjoy a gala dinner or treat yourself at one of several buffets and bars. Savour Viennese coffeehouse delicacies or decorate your own fondant fancies. Dance until the early hours – rock out to pop and electronic beats or follow the master of ceremonies at the ever-popular public quadrille. There are plenty of attractions away from the dance floor too: pick your own lucky four-leaf clover or attach your resolutions for the year ahead on the wish tree. Experience the magic of New Year’s Eve and celebrate the turn of the year at the 2017 Silvesterball.

The theme, programme highlights and excerpts from the menu will be revealed bit by bit as the year goes on. You can also take a look behind the scenes at the HOFBURG Silvesterball and find out more about all the latest preparations, programme information and this year’s partners.

Vienna Philharmonic Ball at the Vienna Musikverein

18th January 2018 22:00 – 05:00

Vienna Philharmonic BallOne of the most high-profile balls is the Vienna Philharmonic Ball. This renowned orchestra holds its ball in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein, one of the world’s most imposing concert halls, familiar to TV viewers all over the globe as the venue of the New Year’s Day Concert.

This is an evening for members, friends and patrons.

Flower Ball at the Rathaus (City Hall)

19th January 2018 20:00 – 05:00 
The Flower Ball at the Viennese town hall is held by the garden workers of Vienna City. Vienna City Hall’s Festival Halls will be the perfect venue to greet the New Year at an enchanting, traditionally colourful “night of flowers”.

The Ball of Industry and Technology (Techniker Cercle) at the Musikverein

20th January 2018 20:00 – 05:00 

For years, the Ball of Industry and Technology has characterized the connection of technology, industry, business and science with the freshness of youth.  With an elegant and festive ambiance, this is oneof the social highlights of the Viennese ball season! 

Vienna Pharmacists Ball at the Imperial Palace

20th January 2018 20:00 – 05:00 

The stately atmosphere of the Imperial Palace provides the spectacular setting for many of the most traditional balls during Carnival in Vienna.  Experience this stunning ball night in three-quarter time!

Vienna Engineers Ball at the Imperial Palace

25th January 2018 20:00 – 05:00 

Science meets technology at the imperial rendezvous.  Celebrate in the spectacular surrounds of the Habsburg Winter Palace until the wee hours!

Vienna Rainbow Ball at the Park Hotel Schoenbrunn 

27th January 2018 20:00 – 

Whoever said that Viennese waltzes are only for straight people?  The Rainbow Ball successfully conquered this hetersexual domain.  Formal evening attire is strictly enforced at this gay and lesbian ballroom event. 

Vienna Physicians Ball at the Imperial Palace

27th January 2018 20:00 – 05:00 

The “Wiener Ärzteball” in the stunning ballrooms of Vienna’s Hofburg is famous for its elaborate and splendid decorations. The last Saturday of January belongs annually to thousands of dancing doctors. It is a fact that the Vienna Medical Doctor’s Ball has earned an outstanding role amongst the many traditional ball events. Apart from regular Austrian guests, more and more visitors from abroad want to join Vienna’s carnival highlight.

Johann Strauss Ball at the Vienna Kursalon

27th January 2018 19:00 -

Experience the romance of a true Viennese Ball in the magnificent setting of the Kursalon, one of the most beautiful ballrooms in the city and the original location of Strauss’ promenade concerts.

Ball of the Green Cross/Hunters' Ball at the Imperial Palace

29th January 2018  20:00  -

Allow yourself to be spirited away into a world of magnificent traditional Austrian dress, complete with fairytale forests and incredible atmosphere!
Please note that traditional Austrian dress is required for ladies and gentlemen.

Vienna Real Estate Ball
1st February 2018  20:00 - 04:00

The highlight of the Austrian real estate season impresses with classy entertainment in an elegant setting.   Each year, the domestic and international real estate industry meets on the dance floor of the Imperial Palace to make contacts, cultivate friendships and keep up with industry trends.  A traditional ball with heart!  Ball proceeds benefit an industry-related charitable project.

BOKU Ball - University of Agricultural Sciences Ball at the Imperial Palace
2nd February 2018

Location: Hofburg Vienna

Viennese Industry Ball at the Imperial Palace

3rd February 2018

Location: Hofburg Vienna
Hofburg Ball der Wiener Wirtschaft

"Alles Walzer!"  A Viennese ball for entrepreneus and their friends and families.  Sit back and watch the spectacle unfold before your eyes!

Opera Ball at the State Opera

8th February 2018 20:30 - 

Opera BallThe Opera Ball, held at Vienna’s magnificent State Opera House, is deemed the epitome of ball culture and a top-calibre social event, attracting celebrities from around the globe. This mega event is fully given over to waltzing bliss at a venue where opera stars usually make their big-time stage appearances. The 186 couples dancing the opening polonaise – ladies dressed in white and men in black – experience their “introduction to Viennese society”. For others, it is an unforgettable evening at this imposing edifice on Vienna’s Ringstrasse Boulevard.

Viennese Coffee House Owners' Ball – Kaffeesiederball - at the Imperial Palace

9th February 2018 19:20 - 04:30

KaffeesiederballThis ball is highly appreciated by the local population because of its typically Viennese ambiance and is virtually regarded as a smaller version of the Opera Ball. It is also the largest prestigious ball in the Vienna carnival calendar with over 5,000 guests. The opening program is comparable with the Opera Ball: the debutantes are just as festively dressed and the Vienna State Opera Ballet accompanied by the Opera Ball orchestra also performs. Every year an internationally renowned show band is invited. Altogether there are six orchestras playing, not to mention the smaller musical groups.

Bonbon Ball at the Konzerthaus

9th February 2018 21:00 - 

A ball fit for kings and emperors and the (sugar) rush of crowning the sweetest of all ball queens!  This is the Viennese Bonbon Ball: a renowned get-together of Austrian sweets and confectionary craftspeople.  This can easily be dubbed the sweetest night of the year!  An exquisite cross between an imperial style ball, beauty pageant and lavish feast, this extravagant night continues to impress and enthral visitors and locals alike. 

Lawyers' Ball at the Imperial Palace

10th February 2018  20:00 - 

Share a grand setting and wonderful ambiance with legal professionls and international guests at their elegant grand ball!

Rudolfina Masked Ball at the Imperial Palace
12th February 2018  20:00 - 04:00

Rudolfina Masked BallThe Rudolfina Redoute is the oldest and most steeped in tradition of the grand balls and thus can look back on a long history.  The mask obligation principally exists for all ladies, even if they come alone or accompanied. The style of the mask, covering only the eyes, should resemble the Operetta “Die Fledermaus”. After the traditional “Mask-off”-dance at midnight, ladies’ and gentlemen’s choice prevails up to clenching at dawn.

Austria’s Ball Season

Each year more than 450 balls take place in Vienna from January to June. The city of waltzes exuberantly celebrates Carnival in January and February. The three-quarter rhythm is supplemented by more contemporary sounds, offering enjoyable dancing for every taste.

In Vienna, the ball season reaches its peak in January and February - but you can still enjoy the thrill of dancing the night away at a Viennese ball in June. The old tradition of carnival balls continues to thrive in the city. While some dancers enjoy following the three-quarter time of the waltzes, others may prefer letting loose to a disco beat.

Contact us to book a ball, and let us customise your stay in Vienna. We can book your hotel 4 or 5 star, dinner and sightseeing, also airport pick up and transfers.